My TaeKwondo Family

Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 17, 2011

My TaeKwondo family. I can’t help being proud of my family and their accomplishments. The little ones are learning things that they don’t even know. They are learning respect, confidence, and a whole plethora of wonderful and admirable traits. When I look around and see that these traits in today’s children don’t really exist. I am proud to say that, “My grandchildren and children are the best!” I am always proud to introduce them to the world.

It was great to see Grandpa show up to see the kids testing. The gang was so happy to see him and show off for him. The boys and Jasmine doing their splits for Grandpa. I know Grandpa was amazed at the grand kids and their abilities.

Max tested for his Black Belt, he has been in TaeKwonDo since he was 4 years old. Most of his life, and I think it makes a real difference. Jonathan, will be another that starts really early. If you could only see the 4 of my grandchildren do their stuff.

Each time I go to a rank testing or their graduation ceremony, I am brought to tears. I have watched my grandchildren grow in a direction that will take them to another level when they become adults.

The school is a place that a person wants to go to. When I walk in the door, I am greeted with smiles and looking around all I see is people of all ages, talking and smiling at each other, like a family. I wish that all sports had the support that TaeKwondo has. There are rules of course, the first and most important is to support each and every student, and the second is never to coach on the side lines. Unlike soccer and other sports, coaching from the side can disqualify the competitor immediately. I have seen lots of sports and competitions. I never remember seeing how proud the people are just to compete. The kids are taught that to be a winner is just to participate and give it all you got. Who could ask for more!

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