Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am constantly hearing about marijuana and its legalization. Seems to be something that is in the headlines constantly. I have my own opinion about this subject and it is just my opinion as a former smoker of the stuff. Well, I was a child of the 70's, where peace, love and happiness was the motto. Where we would indulge in the weed and conjure up images of love and futures that were full of rock n roll. An existence of care-free, crime-free life. Oh those were the years.
Now I hear about so many people going away to the "Big House" for growing this stuff. I think that somewhere along the lines the wrong thing got legalized. I looked at the different effects of legalized intoxicants and it seems to me that while under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication there is more deaths. How many people have over-dozed on weed compared to alcohol or prescription medications?
Does alcohol have a purpose except get you mentaly impaired?
I somehow think that the wrong drug has been legalized, weed was once legal, what happened? I hear stories of the "Gateway Drug", seriously. Gateway to what? Harmony, peace a feeling of calm and perhaps some relief of eye problems, benefits for cancer patients, the list is so long. Please explain this to me!
I would think that the government could look around at some of the other countries and the result of legalization. Duh!!, it doesn't take a rocket scientist.
Let's face it, we could use anything right now to get some tax dollars to pull the country up, why not marijuana?
Back to a story I heard, there was this young man. A super good guy, a friend to everyone, not extravagant, a father who chose to make money by growing some weed. Not confident in his education and perhaps being from a foreign country not certain what direction to go.
This guy, was a important part of our economy, paid taxes and secured mortgages, etc.. So for thirteen years, quietly grew some weed. Never more than he needed to live a normal life and give his kids the things that all parents want for their children. Not to mention never touched the stuff himself.
Then by some strange coincidence was caught. Now this is the part that I am confused. Let the punishment fit the crime. What does that mean exactly? I have seen murders walk free, and mothers who kill their children get short stays, because they were under the dreaded post pardon depression. What ever! Now who did this guy hurt, this is a no violent crime, and I use the term crime loosely. So, what I heard is this guy got 3 years in the slammer. Are you kidding, what for? Do we really need to pay good tax dollars to keep this person incarcerated? My goodness, give the guy a fine and call it a day. Stop wasting court costs and focus on putting away people that don't belong walking around with normal people. There has to be a way to convey the importance of putting away no violent offenders into a system that will turn them into a violent offender. This is what they learn while incarcerated in a backward system that does nothing to rehabilitate anyone. They constantly release child molesters and murderers back into the community. That alright with you, release the guys that are non-violent before the system f---ks them up.
Lets just legalize weed and tax the hell out of it, and punish the people who kill people driving drunk, the legal intoxicant. Sometimes the government embarrasses me, they are just not looking at the big picture, they don't look past archival thoughts. I hope the new generation will be using their brains instead of listening to a bunch of stuck up old politicians.

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