Written by Mini on Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 1

Well the main question here is can it be done?? I can honestly say "yes, it can". I didn't think at any point that it couldn't, but I did think how much we would actually see in that time. Well proven wrong I was. We left on a 9 day journey through 6 states with 8 people. Maybe I should play those numbers...

So our journey starts off at around 4:30 pm on Friday the 30th of May. In tow are 5 kids and 3 adults. Along with everything we need for camping. Everyone is nestled in to their own spots, and we take off.

To start the trip was Jeff, we figured since he drove fire trucks he could handle this 30' RV. Just as we expected, no problems. Along the way the kids colored and played games. Not too long after, they all made their beds and went to sleep. We crossed the border of Florida and Georgia at 12:34 am. We were on our way through Atlanta to Alabama.

Jeff drove most of the night, until he could no more. Jason was next. Not as comfortable as Jeff, but he did good nevertheless. I slowly dazed off trusting that the guys knew what they were doing to get us where we were planning. During my nap we crossed into Alabama at 6:21 am. We then arrived in the Talladega National Forest. I awoke to the sun shining in the RV. It was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had seen. We were at the top of a mountain looking down.

Magnificent!!!! We took a few more pics and headed down the mountain to find something to do. We drove up and down through different mountains for about 30 minutes, until we come across a sign that looked like something to check out.

Lake Cheaha Park. It was soo cool. The lake was at the bottom of the mountains. It was beautiful. Since at this point no one had really eaten. We decided to park here, eat and play for a while. It was a quiet little place at the foothills of the mountains. The restroom and changing area was an old building made of stone. In the middle of the lake was a floating dive platform. Definitely a place to hang out for the day.

The kids decided very quickly that they were going to swim out to the platform and jump off the two story structure. The water was cold and there was no way that I was going with them. So off they went, Sam was first, he is brave. Shortly behind was Shy. It was real neat to watch them swim out there and jump off the platform.

They did this for hours. During the course of the day, I was taking all kinds of pictures. A particular butterfly caught my eye and I figured that I would try some macro shots. Well to my surprise, just as I gave up and sat down, the butterfly landed on me. It was amazing. It stayed on me for about a 1/2 hour. I got some amazing pics!!!

It was a great day, but it was starting to get late. We had to find camp.

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ 6 STATES, 9 DAYS ”

  2. By Queenie on June 16, 2008 at 8:46 AM

    Wait a minute...you didn't have an agenda?????? Holy mother of god. I can barely pee without a schedule and you took a 9 day vacation WITH kids and no plan???? I am totally awarding you the Woman of the Year award now.

  3. By FIRST MATE on June 16, 2008 at 9:37 AM

    we only had an idea of where we were going, but no specific plans no!! We did that the last time too and it was great, you discover things as you go!!!!