Written by Captain Mary on Monday, June 09, 2008

I knew all this peace would end. I had no idea it would jump up in the middle of my sleep, like a nightmare. I expected the RV'ers to be here in the evening, not 3am. My best friend in the whole world, Shelah had set some surprises up for my kids. Monica, my lovely daughter has this thing about any object being close to the edge of the furniture. We can't even take Monica to a restaurant without her moving peoples water glasses off the edge, it drives her that crazy, almost as bad as clothing tags sticking out. Shelah and I went into Monica's room with the intention of putting up a birthday banner, in addition we put anything we could find, lamps, staple gun, animal cages, picture frames, pillows, everything was hanging over the edge. I couldn't wait to see her face when she walked into her room. I waited and finally she went in the room, I followed and waited for her reaction. Her eyes opened wide and she hardly got inside the room before she started moving everything back in its original place, she moved everything even things we didn't touch, the whole time she was laughing, mumbling Shelah's name under her breath.

Now wide awake, Jason, my son told me that I had to look at every picture he had taken of the trip. There must have been over 500 pictures, I heard the stories and the events. You think he could have waited for morning, oooops it is morning.

Shelah, Jeff and myself have a little prank for Jason, I went off to work leaving Jason sleeping on the couch. Finishing work for the day I head home to find Jason's car gone. I was wondering how long it had been since he left when the phone rang, I answered in a casual voice "hello" When I heard my sons surprised voice, "I hoped to come home to a nice clean house like I left it!", he shouted. As we were talking on the phone I could hear bottles clinking then Jason saying "shit", he started to laugh as he was discovering more and more sneaky surprises. Condoms stuck on the mirrors, messages from Shelah written in lipstick on the mirrors, bathtub full of balloons, beer bottles all over the place, pictures of us doing things around his house, strategically placed, covering over the toilet, totem in his bed, with a smoke and a condom next to it, streamers, balloons and confetti everywhere. Jason couldn't help laughing since he is the King of pranks. I think everybody should have friends like Shelah, Jeff and especially a mom like me.

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  2. By Anonymous on June 9, 2008 at 2:45 PM

    It wasn't ALL my idea ya know. Hub just informed me that Jay said to him "Game On"...I am changing my locks.