Written by Captain Mary on Friday, June 27, 2008

I had a conversation with a friend today, who had just received a certified letter in the mail. The letter stated that in 45 days they were going to throw him out of his house.
Oh I know you want me to explain this one. He lives in an area that has Association Fees, what does that mean? Well, its a community that requires an association to keep everything maintained and beautiful. So they say. What they actually do is go around looking for houses that perhaps their lawn has gotten to long, or it could use a paint job, or even have some rust on the house from the sprinklers, and guess what you pay for this service. If you don't comply with these ridiculous persnickety things they fine you.
Anyway back to the letter, it so happens that my friend, through an oversight of some kind did not pay his 400 dollar a year fee for Association Dues, they filed a lien on his house, without informing him, and now what they are going to do is throw him and his children out on the streets in 45 days if he does not pay this amount. Which because of attorney fees has escalated to over a thousand dollars. He didn't recall getting any notification about the dues and out of sight out of mind, sometimes a person forgets these things. I made some inquiries and I found out that you could indeed loose your home for $400. Imagine that a person puts their life saving and family love into a home and a company simply removes it from you. Who the hell passed the law to make this kind of thing legal? I can't imagine any of the people who live in this world would do such a thing.

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  2. By truthspew on June 28, 2008 at 1:50 AM

    For some time there was a major issue of lien holders throwing octogenarians out of their homes because of some unpaid sewer bill or other foolish matter.

    Got so bad the legislature had to step in and put in protections.