Written by Mini on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 8

Today we started out early, we had to start making some distance. We were only one day away from this beautiful vacation ending, boo hoo!!! So we jumped in the RV and headed out. We drove about 2 hours south, still in Georgia. Jeff got a phone call from his dad during our drive, he was recommending that we stop again in Ga. at Stone Mountain. OK, sounds good, something else to see before the fun has to come to an end.

We arrived at Stone Mountain campground at around 3 pm. We were very surprised at the sites, very nice. We had to eat like usual, but we were going in to the little town for that, so some snacks for now. We walked down to the lake where we were going to catch a water taxi to head to the mountain.

We were told it was something amazing to see. We could have walked to the top but with 5 kids, no way jose!!! When we arrived across the lake we took a tram to the base of the mountain. It was a quick ride, but man, it was HOT out!!! You could tell we were getting close to home.

So once we were dropped off, we chose to take the aerial tramway to the top of the mountain, how cool. Jeff was interested in how much weight the tram could hold so I took these pics for him, he is soo technical sometimes, another reason I love him.

It was a site to see once we were standing on the top. We learned that the mountain was created, oh some millions of years ago, by hot magma cooling with the rest of the earth around it eroding to expose the granite rock. So, that is mother nature at her best.

We saw carvings in the rock dated back to the 1800's. You could also see in the rock where water pooled, when it rained, and then poured down the side of the mountain. There was a gate around the whole thing so visitors would not fall off, that would suck!! The kids really enjoyed it, but also got bored with it quite quickly. Kids!!!

Once we were back at the bottom, we decided that it was time to eat. We went into the first restaurant that we could see. It was also a fun experience. They sat us all at a square table. The servers were all dressed up in the traditional southern dress. It was great, hot, bad service, but still great. I only say this for one reason. As we were finishing our meal, the server came by and asked us if we were ready for our check, we replied "yes". Shortly after that Jason says " Is my sister shrinking", huh!! Well then we looked at the table, it was rising. It went all the way up which was to my head, it was as funny as can be. Jeff stopped and took a pic once it was part way up.

Once we were finished with dinner, we headed to the base of the mountain for the 25th Anniversary Light Show. We sat right in front so that we had a good view. The carving on the mountain was of the three generals that fought in the war. It was done with blow torches, not sure how long it took, but still amazing none the less. Also not sure of exactly who the generals were, not too good with history. I will have to ask Jeff about this one.

The kids played around as we waited for it to get dark. What a way to end the last night of our trip, with a light show! I do want to thank Jeff's dad for his recommendation. As it was getting dark, a train passed right in front of us, that was cool. Well now we are anxious, we can't wait anymore. It all started with fireworks, which was the only thing that I could capture.

Not sure how clear it is, but you can see the carving on the mountain through the fireworks, awesome. The light show lasted for about an hour. Once it was over, we had to head back to camp. We took the water taxi back, which took about an hour itself, just because everyone had to get back and it was the last taxi of the day.

Once back at camp, the kids tired again, hit the sheets. It has been a long and exciting vacation, lots to see and do. No wonder everyone was beat. Well, I guess that we will see you in the morning.

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