Written by Mini on Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 2

We left the Cheaha Park and started driving north. The things you see in other states that you do not see here are amazing. One the my wishes, if I come back this way, would be to drive at the Talladega Speedway!! Oh yeah, I want to go fast!!! Well our journey took us north from Alabama to Tennessee. We didn't stop anywhere because we didn't see any state parks along our route, but Jason did mention that he wanted to stop on our way back. He had decided to collect rocks from every state that we went to, so he couldn't completely skip Tennessee.

We crossed the border of Alabama and Tennesse at 7:14 pm and continued straight through to Kentucky. We then crossed the border of Tennessee and Kentucky at 9:09 pm on our way to Bowling Green. We arrived at a campground that was also an amusement park during the day. I think that we were going to skip that part. So in the morning when we all awoke we headed to Mammoth Cave National Park. We took a 2 hour tour of the caves. That was amazing in it self. The caves went down 250'. The year round temperature in the caves is 54 degrees, no matter how hot or cold outside. OK!!!!

So here is Jeff inside the cave behind me. All the metal behind him is stairs that we took to get to the bottom. I am not sure the exact number, but it was somewhere around 3000 steps to get all the way down. I have lots of pics of rocks, which I have been told are just "rocks", so I will not bore you with those.

We had lunch in the RV when the tour was over. Then we started en route to Daniel Boone National Forest. We arrived at the campground and had dinner. We stayed up for a while and then down for the night.

Stay tuned for Day 3, coming soon!!!

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  2. By Captain Mary on June 17, 2008 at 8:21 AM

    Good Job there, love the story line, can't wait for day three.