Written by Mini on Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 4

Well like I said before, this was going to be a great day. The regular morning routine and then off. The guys wanted to go for a hike and that we did. As we started to feel the incline we made walking sticks from what we found. We walked up part of the Appalachian Trail, it connected to the campground we were in so it was nice and easy to begin . Most of the trails that we were on were also horse trails, so it got a little messy in spots. We saw nature in the raw. There were trees down and rotting. There were little streams of water that ran down the mountain side. The air was cool and so fresh and clean. I never thought I could breathe so easy. JT was the only one to spot wildlife, in the form of a turtle. I thought it was weird to see a turtle at such a high altitude, but hey you never know. The best thing that I saw was a weed of some sort covered with ladybugs, love em. So, I'm sure that you would guess that with 5 kids were weren't able to go too far, so we didn't. We all started home to get ready to go to Fontana Village.

We got back to the RV and headed in to the village, where the kids could hang out for a while. It was only 5 minutes up the road so we wasted no time getting there. I decided, the mom that I am, to do some laundry while we were there. We all changed in to our swimsuits, had lunch and headed to the new pool and lazy river. They had just opened it two weeks ago, lucky us. It was lots of fun! Everyone spent most of the day in the little lazy river, drifting around and flipping each other out of the tubes.

Jeff and I took off on a little walk while Jason was with the kids in the pool. We found a baseball field where I showed off my skills, ha! Then we went inside what was an old house from the 1800's. There were pictures of the history of the house and the village when they were building the Fontana Dam. After seeing that we had to go check out the dam. So we went back to the pool for a little while longer and then packed everyone up and headed to the dam.

When we first reached the dam, we went to the picnic area. mainly just to see Fontana Lake, that was the high side of the dam. We found a little trail that had steps at the bottom that went right in to the lake. This was cool, of course, they had to get their feet wet. Seemed to be what happened anytime there was water.

We headed up to the top of the dam. It was amazing! The dam stood 480' tall and 2365" long. It was started in 1942 and took only 36 months to complete. It had huge spillways, which are in case the lake gets too high. Shy was interested in how far they went down so she threw some ice in one. It took a long time for it to even hit the side, not something I would want to fall in. This picture is at the top of the dam looking down to the low side, also known as the Tennessee River. If you look down on the left of the river you could see our campground. That was a scary thought, hmmm, if the dam breaks, we get washed away, ok! Whatever, this was an adventure.

After seeing all this dam stuff, the kids were complaining about being hungry. It was time to go back to the campsite and have dinner. We hunted more bugs after dinner and then movies and bed again. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Pisgah National Forest, see you there...

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  1. 3 comments: Responses to “ 6 STATES, 9 DAYS ”

  2. By Captain Mary on June 20, 2008 at 7:23 AM

    Thanks for taking me on your trip with you, your writing is great like we are following your path. Good job, see you tomorrow.

  3. By Queenie on June 20, 2008 at 8:41 AM

    I think day 4 is my favorite too so far. :) My kids would have liked that just so they could say "damn" all day. Heh.

  4. By FIRST MATE on June 21, 2008 at 2:03 PM

    funny enough!!! shy did go on the "dam" trip!! and boy she let us know, dam campground, dam pictures, dam big!!! on and on..it was hilarious!