Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teen pregnancy! It is on the rise, or are we just noticing it more. It certainly seems to me like its become some kind of fashion trend. The stars are doing it, well then it must be cool. Or what ever kids say these days. Well the thing about fashion is it changes every year or so, the problem with being pregnant is this fashion is going to last a life time. I really can't criticize because I too was pregnant very young. Then again, it was an accident, but in the 70's we were much more mature and we could go out get job and raise a family. What will these girls do, work at what wages, where are the baby daddy's? With today's economy there is no way to get a place to live on the salaries they can make at that age. Let me just mention that being pregnant can only be the least of their worries, how about the things you can get from unprotected sex. What if they get a fatal disease on top of being pregnant, then who takes care of this poor child, well guess what tax payers. The responsibility again goes to the over burdened public. Girls what are you thinking? You have to look past the initial thrill to see you are responsible for some little persons entire life. Think! Think! Keep your knees together and your brains working!

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