Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend now behind me and what a busy one it was. Class reunion, friends and family, and finally the week begins again. Now its back to the routine and work. I sometimes look forward to the new week, its when everything begins again. I hope that I can get things done and make some money, so I can enjoy another fantastic weekend. Perhaps this weekend I can get out on the boat, without it raining on my parade. I had originally planned for a Tuesday off, but my customers seem to need to change schedules again, I am so glad that I can be flexible for them, and then I picked up some extra work. Just when you think you are going to have an easy week, things change, one good change is that my Friday will be a half day instead of a long end to a busy week. I guess I will get myself together and get my week going, going and gone. Time for me to feed the zoo and herd the animals to their places for the day. Signing off for the day. Have a good Monday morning.

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