Written by Mini on Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 5

First off, I want to apoligize for the delay in getting day 5 to my viewers, most of you know that I was busy.

Though not as exciting as yesterday, we still had a blast....The usual start in the morning, and then off to the Pisgah National Forest. As we were in route, we passed a sign that said "Blue Ridge Parkway", so we decided that it would probably be beautiful so "let's drive it". Well, after driving for about 2 hours, we realized that we were in the wrong spot. AHHHHHH!!! We had traveled north two hours instead of south. Ok to be honest, I literally cried. I didn't want to take more time to get where we wanted to go, it wasn't that far to begin with. The good thing about it is that we did get to travel the parkway, and see tunnels and overlooks. One of the overlooks was at 4000'.

We also got to see the Cherokee Indian Village. It was a little town, so we drove straight through. Now, lets try that again, this time no Blue Ridge Parkway.

So we are on our way to Sliding Rock, a natural formation at the bottom of a fast moving stream. As soon as we arrived at the rock, the kids ran out and went to the stream directly in front of the RV. They were ready to get wet. We first had to have lunch, then they were free to play. They changed once again. Their suits pretty much remained wet. We walked down the steps to the bottom, just to walk back up the rock to slide down. Well of course, I had to go, at least once to say "I did it". It is cold as can be, 52 degrees. So, that was enough for me. The kids on the other hand spent two hours going up and down the rock. Jason and his bunch were not able to go as often. Jazzy was just plain ole afraid, JT was too little and Jason had to watch JT. Jason did get to go a few times, but he was also very happy watching JT play in the shallow part of the stream. Jeff was hooked instantly, he couldn't get enough. There were rules for sliding down the rock, but my group wouldn't listen. They slid down on their belly's and backwards, both no no's. What can you do, kids will be kids. They were having fun and no one got hurt, that's whats important.

We made one more stop after leaving Sliding Rock. Only a mile or so down the road was another waterfall. It was not as impressive in size as Cumberland Falls, but just as pretty. It was called Looking Glass Falls. There were some kids swimming in the water down at the bottom, that was cool.

Well, again its getting late, so we needed to find a place to camp for the night. We ended up at Black Forest Campground. Which was 5 minutes from the border of South Carolina. So I am sure that you can guess, that is where we will end up tomorrow.

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ 6 STATES, 9 DAYS ”

  2. By Anonymous on June 23, 2008 at 11:58 PM

    Like I said, hit the Kangamanugs range in the White Mountains of NH. Nice mountain fed creeks and pools everywhere.

    And mosquitoes big enough to carry away small children.

    I love it up there.

  3. By FIRST MATE on June 24, 2008 at 2:26 PM

    Doesn't it get a little colder in NH? I personally don't like the cold, but I would try it if the summers were warm