Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, September 04, 2008

This story is inspired by two of my grandchildren, who are wonderful and yet very curious.

Illustrations by Cappy

© copyright 2008

On a sunny day in the jungle, Mama lion went out to the jungle to get food for her cubs. The little lions cubs were told to stay by the tree and not move until she returned. They were very curious cubs and sometimes did not listen to Mama. Sometimes they would chase butterflies and sometimes they would just roll in the grass. The cubs were named Jasmine and Jaytee. Jasmine would often disobey Mama, and Jaytee would follow everything Jasmine did. They never went far from their tree, except this day.

Jasmine was watching some butterflies and began chasing them, Jaytee followed right behind her, the butterflies flew and flew. Before the cubs knew it, they had traveled far away from their tree. They found a wonderful pond, full of new things. Jasmine found a frog and she put her nose down to sniff it, the frog jumped at Jasmine and surprised her so much she jumped too. Jaytee thought it was so funny he rolled on his back holding his tummy. The cubs continued to explore the pond to see what else they could discover.

Jaytee heard something in the water and he lifted his head up to listen. "Psst, Jasmine, did you hear that?", he asked. Jasmine looked up to listen, and she heard a splash in the water. All they could see was something wiggling in the water, was it a pair of ears? These curios cubs just had to find out what those wiggling ears belonged to.

Jasmine slowly stepped into the water to get closer, she took one step at a time until she was in water up to her neck. Jaytee stayed back on the shore, he wasn't going to follow Jasmine this time. Splash!!! right in front of Jasmine a giant gray creature popped out of the water. It was a Hippo, and they will eat little lion cubs, but this hippo was just as young as Jasmine and Jaytee.

The hippo smiled and told Jasmine "Don't be afraid, I am just cooling off". But Jasmine was so surprised she had fallen all the way in the water and was just soaked. Again, Jaytee fell over and laughed so hard he couldn't get up. Jasmine was a little embarrassed by the whole thing.

Jasmine shook and shook to get dry. Jaytee was still laughing, even the hippo thought it was funny. Jasmine began to walk away with her head down, for she didn't really like to be laughed at. The two lion cubs continued exploring and found a trail leading deep into the jungle. Jasmine was so curious that she began walking down the trail, deeper and deeper into the jungle. Jaytee said to Jasmine, "Stop, we are getting lost", and Jasmine's reply was "Jaytee I know where I am going, just follow me, we are not lost". Jaytee trusted Jasmine and continued to follow her. They saw lots of different kinds of birds, monkeys in the trees, and some creatures that they had never seen before. It was exciting to explore for the lion cubs, but now it was beginning to get dark, how would they find they way back home?

In the meantime Mama Lion went back to the tree, where she left her cubs. She did not see them anywhere. Mama Lion began to look for her cubs, she sniffed the ground and looked for their footprints. She began to follow the footprints that the cubs had made, she found the pond with the Hippo and asked him if he saw the cubs. The Hippo replied, "They were here but they disappeared into the jungle". Mama Lion saw the path that lead deep into the jungle and began to look for her cubs.

Jasmine and Jaytee were still walking when Jaytee sat down and began to cry. Jasmine turned around and saw her brother, she asked, "Jaytee what is wrong?". Jaytee said, "I want to go home, we are lost, and I am so hungry". Jasmine was thinking and she had to say that Jaytee was right, they were lost. Jaytee I am sorry, don't cry, we will lay down here for now and rest. Jasmine was thinking that she should have listened to Mama Lion and did what she was told. "What if Mama Lion can't find us?", thought Jasmine. She didn't say anything because she didn't want to scare her brother. The sun had gone down and it was very dark in the jungle, there were many sounds, even Jasmine was getting scared.

Mama Lion was very good at finding her cubs, but it was very dark, so she began to call out to them. "Roar, roar", said Mama Lion. Jasmine and Jaytee lifted their heads, they heard something in the distance that sounded familiar. What if its another Lion and not Mama, we must stay quiet until we are sure. The cubs hid in the bushes and curled up close to each other. Mama Lion called out again, roar, roar! Jaytee called out roarrrrr! Mama perked up her ears to hear better and she knew the sound was her cubs. Jaytee called out again and Mama knew it was them for sure. Mama Lion ran to the sound as fast as she could, but she still didn't see her cubs. Mama stopped on the trail and listened, she heard a sound in the bushes, out jumped Jasmine and Jaytee. The cubs were so happy to see their Mama, but Mama was very angry with her cubs and turned around. Mama whispered to the Cubs, "you must be very quiet, it is dangerous for little cubs alone in the jungle, follow me home right now". Jasmine and Jaytee followed Mama back to their home under the big tree. When they arrived home, the dinner that Mama had brought back for them was gone.

They had to go to bed that night without dinner after being lost in the jungle. Jasmine and Jaytee looked at each other and Jaytee told Jasmine, "I will listen to Mama for now on". "We were very bad lion cubs and will never do it again", Jasmine cried. Always listen to your Mama she knows what is best for you!

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