Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trudging through the days routine and quickly I might add, I get a phone call, the caller my dearest friend Shelah. She surprised me with a lunch invitation for Sushi, I didn't hesitate much, I told my client that I would be taking a lunch break and would be back in an hour. I met up with Shelah and the children as they were sitting down, ahhhhhh what timing. We sat and ate our fill of fantastic flavors from the sea with conversation that never gets boring no matter how many times we talk to each other in a day. Back to work with a full tummy of delights and the day somehow improved immensely.

Was looking forward to seeing the presidential debates later that evening, but I had my cable turned off. Well, since I really can't get enough of my friends I thought I would drop over to the Castle, where I showed up in my P.J.'s (inside out) and thought we would just be vegging on the sofa and enjoying the debates. A few phone calls incoming and there was a party, that often happens at the Castle, (Shelah & Jeff's Place), one at a time our friends showed up and the enjoyment of their company trumped the debate. After some time I noticed that I had my P.J.'s on inside out and corrected that, but I certainly couldn't correct the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra, so I tried to sit hunched over as not to call attention to what I call my oven mitts. Gravity you know. I caught a little here and there of the debate and was happy to hear that both candidates had significant stands on the questions that were asked, making my decision easier. Wasn't out too late because tomorrow will be an early day with the girls.

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