Written by Captain Mary on Monday, September 29, 2008

I took an extra day off work today and I began by sleeping late, then I went outside to see if I had a small window to mow the lawn, before the rain came. I began and within minutes the rain came down, instead of parking the mower I decided to continue. I was soaked, but cool, I continued until I heard thunder. The yard came out wonderful. I need to get back into the routine of yard work, my yard needs constant maintenance, "its a jungle out here".

I went out to the front yard to see if the water was standing and looked up toward the sky, "wow" is all I can say. The birds were flying away as fast as they could and the monster thunder head was just in front of me. I noticed that it looked to me as if it was touching the ground, but an indication that it wasn't, was the roar of sirens. It looked like there was fire somewhere in the distance and the clouds joined to look ominous.

I had a productive day, yard work to me is therapy and not to mention a little bit of exercise.

A special note: The kitty that I called #6 was adopted yesterday and now has a name. It took my sister a little bit of time, because she wanted the kitty to have a name with meaning. His name is Gumba, which in Sicilian means "friends for life". I think it is the first cat my sister has had, not sure. Anyway, Gumba is my sissy's best friend already, he follows her everywhere and tells her in his cute little voice what he wants. Gumba has made a friend with her lab, Lucy. Lucy has taken Gumba in like her own child. I need pictures of this, maybe I can get sissy to send some.

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