Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I visited a friend today, only to have her tell me a tail of her near miss with death. We have had some stormy weather lately, last week it was the residual of tropical storm Fay. My friend Jane was out on her covered porch sweeping away some leaves when suddenly she got a shock of her life. A loud bang and then a series of events that didn't even take a second to complete.

  • A tree struck by lighting.
  • The plant hanging by a chain, struck.
  • The base of the tree, exploding its bark off and making a hole in the ground.
  • Power to the outdoor lighting, exploded into burnt dangling wires.
  • Tail light to her truck exploding along with the alternator
  • In the house, small appliances burning up.
  • All the phone lines melting down.
  • Several wall outlets, blasted to pieces.
  • Then bursting out of the concrete foundation, the final blast.

And Jane standing next to the final blast, shooting dirt and pieces of concrete all over here, she was within two feet of the blast, when she screamed and ran "My hair is on fire". Jane told me it was the loudest sound she had ever heard and it scared the hell out of her. What a shocking experience! Just can't hide from lighting, you might think you are safe, but it can find you anywhere.

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