Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have had drama after drama this week and things today have become manageable. I can't image two years ago that I didn't have any friends. Now, I have friends that make my life wonderful. I have always had my family and they are the absolute greatest.
I have had to cut my budget dramatically, that included my TaeKwonDo. It's the thing I love the most. I have goals and challenges and not to mention it keeps my body in motion. Yesterday I had to make a call to cancel my tuition and the hardest part was keeping my tears back. My friends know how much this means to me and they conspired behind my back to make certain I could continue. Yes that means you Jeff & Shelah! You are my hero's. When I told my Instructor Jesse that I had to quit, he said "I want this for me as well as you", I am within 6 weeks of getting my black belt, I have worked for 2 years and now it seemed like it is distant memory. So, my other hero, Jesse sat me down and said he would not allow me to quit, out of guilt I told him that I could not accept his charity. Jesse was persistent and we worked out a good exchange for services. No guilt anymore, lets go kick something.
Another one of my hero's is my friend, Rolando, he helped me out of my Friday dilemma and I can't thank him enough. I can only hope that we can work out some kind of exchange also. I know one thing for sure I have been blessed with some of the greatest friends on earth and I look forward to paying it forward, for they deserve the world and if I can give them just a piece of it, I will.

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  2. By Queenie on September 16, 2008 at 10:16 AM

    Don't get shocked, but I think this whole friend love thing might be mutual.

    YOU my dear are one of the people that makes TKD fun for me. So I was happy to put in my two cents regarding your solution. I am happy that it all worked out.

    I have to work this save I can put gas in your you can take me to Bimini again. I need liquor...and a tan. This time, we are riding topless the entire way. :)