Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am so glad that we are concerned about alternate fuels and forms of energy. I also found that this has been a concern for a really long time, more than a hundred years. I saw a television show that made some very interesting statements. The statements indicated that the Oil industry paid off the people and small business that were trying to promote alternate energy. The inventions were bought and then hidden by the Big Oil Tycoons. How much money do these special interests groups need to make off the citizens and to what demise to our earth.
Just a few of the currently available items are solar panels (1861 a steam engine built entirely on solar power, before that ancient Greeks and Romans), turbines, windmills (wind power 1000B.C.), micro hydro power (over 2 thousand years ago by Greeks), hydrogen fuel cells (which was born in 1829). I am glad to see that we are finally using our natural resources in the correct way, renewable resources. The sun the wind and the sea.
Digging and drilling into our earth, making voids that will collapse and cause catastrophic changes in the natural movement of our precious earth, not to mention burning these fossil fuels and all of it going into our atmosphere and our lungs. Sounds to me like the oil industry is destroying the earth from top to bottom.
We should all strive to be independent from this and still be able to live in a high tech world. How about small gardens, alternate power to generate our heaters or even our whole house, collecting and saving rain water in our own cistern storage tanks. There is so much we can do, at the same time becoming independent from utilities and the government which taxes us on everything we consume. If everyone would do one small thing then it becomes a big thing.

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  2. By Mini on September 12, 2008 at 9:55 AM

    You are absolutely right and I think that all Americans are getting tired of all this. According to what I am studying, everything that happens in the oil industry affects us as Americans in soooo many ways. We need to take control of this issue, before we are the one's that are extinct.