Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, September 14, 2008

More work around the garden, and cleaned out part of my storage shed, cleaned out the fish ponds, scrubbed all the animal cages and gave some of the critters baths, and then it was time to get some serious therapy.

Took my parrot, Shelah out of her cage, got my beach blanket and spread it out at my favorite spot in the garden. Shelah just loves to cuddle, so we both laid on the blanket and every time one of the kitties came to lay by me, Shelah would run and attack them. Shelah is very protective of me, since I hand fed her when she was just a baby. Not exactly relaxing but it kept me laughing. When my Maltese, Bogey came to lay down the game began, Shelah would jump at him, but he is so fast he slipped around the back of her and nipped her tail, Shelah would return as fast as she could, eventually we all laid on the blanket and enjoyed the view.

The whole family was there, Monica at the picnic table under the big umbrella doing her home-work. Jason playing with the kids, a little Frisbee, baseball and some other usual games. Playing in the pool for awhile and then things started to wined down, we enjoyed the Caribbean music that the neighbors played. Jason and his son J.T. laid on the hammock and the little one passed out. The breeze was just wonderful it rocked J.T. in the hammock while he slept.

Everyone had a great time, a family day, we haven't had many of those lately, its usually running around to find things to entertain the kids when all we really have to do is stay home and enjoy whats right in our back yard.

I finally got my place in the hammock, everyone was off doing other things by then, so I again enjoyed the view. This part of my therapy I take seriously.

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