Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today I decided to get up early and get some much needed therapy. I find it in the most unlikely place. My back yard, I have a wonderful landscaped back yard, with ponds and palms and grass you can lay on and sleep the day away. I have a wonderful place to hang my hammock and just let the gentle breeze rock me. Instead I get out the garden tools and began the much needed task of weeding and edging and I got down and dirty. Nothing on my mind but the great outdoors and how beautiful it will look when I finish.

All the kids were here and they had a great time shooting foam bullets at the cats, they didn't hit any but they enjoyed the game. The cats would wait for each launch of the foam bullets and attack when they hit the ground. Walking around my yard is like a jungle and sometimes if you walk too close to a bush a cat will jump out and grab your ankle. They hide so well among the foliage you would never know that I have 13 cats running around. Today, I allowed the kittens a chance to experience the great outdoors. They were curious about everything, but wouldn't go far from my lap.

There just isn't better therapy than working in the garden, except boating of course. For now I am exhausted and that is a great feeling, instead of being stressed out of my mind. Tomorrow I will do a little more therapy, but I am going to include some hammock treatment and perhaps a dip in the pool. If I don't answer the phone I will be under going-therapy, don't hesitate to stop by with your work cloths and some beer.

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