Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today, Thursday I will be working like a fool, getting my work caught up and then I will be testing for my black belt recommended rank. It will be a strange testing unlike the usual, where we have to learn a form and test on our skills in sparring. I asked the instructor what we would be tested on and his reply was "it's going to be a surprise", well what the hell does that mean? I have been taking it really easy trying to get my knees to heal, they feel a lot better, but then I do want to start training soon for my black belt, the ceremony will be in October, which is only two months away. I am taking this year off in competition, the last two years I did very well and achieved state champion in my rank and age group. It is really killing me to take off a year, but my goal will be to compete in 5 divisions as a black belt. The divisions are rare for my age group so my chances are better than the younger groups. I want to compete for World Champ, wish me luck, I plan on trying out for Extreme Martial Arts, which is flips and cartwheels. I will probably break something, if I don't that will be a great accomplishment. I have to do it soon before I am too old to do it. I will probably be happy if I qualify for the top ten in the world in ATA TaeKwonDo. My nerves are already getting the better of me, not knowing what to expect in testing. The instructor told us to "do a lot less thinking", the older students tend to over-think all the moves. Learning to just re-act is hard for the oldies. I will let you know next Tuesday if I pass my testing.

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  2. By Anonymous on August 13, 2008 at 10:26 PM

    I think I am equally as clusterfucked about testing this go round. I mean honestly, "it's a surprise". WTF is THAT about? If we aren't nervous enough already, to not know what to expect just blows. To make matters worse, The youngest and I are the only ones testing this time. The rest get a cycle off.