Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I bet we are all tired of the Hurricanes! I know that this is just the height of the season, and there is so many more storms coming off the coast of Africa. The Storms are pressing forward and Florida is just hanging there waiting and taunting Mother Nature. "See me swinging right here, catch me if you can", says the pecker shaped state.

A couple more storms heading our way, that means to me that I will not be doing any boating for a week or so. That's all right because the fish are going to be some kind of hungry when I finally get back on the high seas.

For the people on the Gulf, we are all so happy that there were no tragedies and they can return to their homes. Lets only hope that we can be spared when its our turn to be in the eye of the beast.

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